Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kukulu Kaiaulu 2014: Building a Paperless Classroom with Google Apps for Education

Managing multiple student files is never an easy task.  Whether we're dealing with physical worksheets, large video files or digital other physical or digital projects... depending on how we organize ourselves and train our students... things can still get lost in the shuffle.

That's why I really appreciate how Google has helped me to become a better organized teacher by handling all of the paperwork for me so I can focus on curriculum development and assessment.

When I started using the Google Spreadsheets Add-on called Doctopus, my workflow got even better. Doctopus allows me to quickly take a template worksheet document I have and replicate and distribute a unique copy to each of my students.  I keep ownership of each file, can access the student documents 24-7 and can quickly grade and give feedback to individual students easily.

The school I teach at, Le Jardin Academy, we use rubrics exclusively to assess student work and give feedback.  An additional Google Spreadsheets Add-on Goobric (which works with Doctopus) allows me to assess students work using a pre-determined rubric.  This rubric gets inserted on the end of a students document complete with their score and feedback i've given them.

Google Apps for Education Suite of programs including Drive, Docs and Spreadsheets and the Spreadsheet Add-ons has saved me lots of time and energy... giving me an opportunity to give that time back to my students in more useful ways!

Resources for the session 

Session Presentation File: Session Resource Folder

Doctopus and Goobric Tutorial Video Links:

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