Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kukulu Kaiaulu: Bloggers of the World Unite!

Aloha and welcome to today's session on Blogs as Digital Portfolio and Public Presentation spaces on the web!

This sessions will focus on how digital portfolios are enabling students and educators to become more impactful presenters, independent thinkers and adept reflectors.  Student confidence in themselves and their abilities, when framed through presentation and reflection on past accomplishments and experiences help prepare them to take on new challenges with a sense of pride and positive self worth.

We'll learn how quick and simple it is to create a blog using the blogger platform and get up and running with posting content and making simple adjustments to the look and feel of the blog as well as how viewers access it and who can see it.
We'll spend some time looking at some of the ways teachers are successfully using blogs in their classrooms as digital archives, learning workspaces and growth showcases.  We'll enter into a discussion on some of the questions teachers and schools need to ask themselves before starting a digital ePortfolio program and how to we support students in learning the necessary skills needed to manage their work. 


Link to Blogger's "Getting Started" Help Site:

When I first started teaching my students how to use the Blogger platform, I developed a series of video tutorials to help introduce them to the various parts of Blogger.  Watching the videos saved me lots of time in explaining the same thing over and over again for my students.  Shortly thereafter I created a worksheet to accompany the video to help the students reflect on what they were learning while watching the videos.  Here are the links to both the videos and the worksheet.

Link to the Student "Getting Started with Blogger" PDF Packet:

Additional Resources: 

Dr. Helen Barrett: 3 Levels of ePortfolio Development in Schools

Elementary Age:

Middle and High School:

Student Blogging/Posting Guidelines:

Parent Letters and Waiver Examples:

ePortfolio Rubrics: Dan  Wilson - U of Wisconsin Stout -

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