Saturday, February 1, 2014

iTeach808: Creating Digital Portfolios with Google Apps for Education and Blogger

Aloha and Welcome to the first session of our talks on using Google Apps for Education's Blogger Platform as a tool to help students and teachers begin creating dynamic and powerful Digital Portfolios.

This sessions will focus on how digital portfolios are enabling students and educators to become more impactful presenters, independant thinkers and adept reflectors.  Student confidence in themselves and their abilities, when framed through presentation and reflection on past accomplishments and experiences help prepare them to take on new challenges with a sense of pride and positive self worth.

We'll learn how quick and simple it is to create a blog using the blogger platform and get up and running with posting content and making simple adjustments to the look and feel of the blog as well as how viewers access it and who can see it.

We'll also be discussing how to support learners of all ages, from those who don't yet know they're alphabets to those who aren't ready to accept that the 21st century has arrived!

Our finishing topic will be to bring in the iPad (or other mobile devices) as a powerful tool for digital portfolio construction, maintenance and promotion.

Resources for the session

Session Presentation File: Presentation Link

Session Back Channel: or

Session Post-Survey:

Blogger Mobile Apps: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Android (Google Play Store)

Additional Resources: 

Google Apps for Education:

Google Apps for Education Technology Tutorials for Teachers:

Blogger's Help Site:

Dr. Helen Barrets' Course on ePortfolios with Google Apps

Dr. Helen Barrets' Course on mPortfolios (Mobile Portfolios)

Dr. Helen Barrets' Course on ePortfolios with Word Press

Jeff Utectht's Thinking Stick Blog: Blogs as Web Based Portfolios

Kathy Cassidy:  A Great Tool to Continuously Assess Progress

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