Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reserving MacBooks and iPads

The iDEAS Lab is now host to a classroom set of 24 iPads available for classroom use. We also have two MacBook carts available for classroom use, each with 20+ computers (one in the iDEAS lab the other in the library.)

If you're interested in borrowing the MacBooks for your class to use, you'll need to check the updated schedule on the iDEAS Lab website.  Also on the reservation page is information about how to contact Sean or Jackie with your request by filling out the request form.  Know that this year we are asking the teachers to be responsible for which laptops are being used by their class.  The teacher needs to come with the students to the cart and check to make sure that all the computers the students borrowed are returned to the correct cart slots and are charging.

The iPads also have an up-to-date reservation schedule and form to be filled out .  You can access them on the iDEAS Lab website or follow the links to go directly.  At this time we are looking to get covers for the iPads and are still keeping them secure in their boxes.  Please come to pick up the iPads yourself, do not send students to get them.

Finally, the iDEAS Lab itself is open and available for teachers to reserve if they need the larger tables, iMacs, green screen or the iDEAS wall for class.  Both Jackie and Sean have alternative arrangement for classrooms if this space is needed.  Please see the reservation schedule on the iDEAS Lab website.

The links to schedule the iDEAS Lab, MacBook carts and iPads are also permanently available in the navigation bar to the right.

If you have any questions, please let Sean or Jackie know!


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