Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New iPad? Now what?!?

So you've gotten a new iPad for use at home, work, or school...  You've opened the box up and now what?

Well, Apple does an amazing job of walking you through the process of getting up and running in just a few minutes.  You don't need a computer or even an Apple ID to get started... just the a connection to the internet!  (Note: having a computer to back-up to and in Apple ID available so you can download apps from the App Store is a bonus... just not necessary to get it up and running right away.)

Those with a previous Apple iOS product (iPod/iPhone or another iPad) you can gain access to any of the apps you've grown comfortable with on your other device(s) without having to pay for them again by accessing the Previous Button on the Apps Store App.

Additionally, your knowledge of the iOS platform will allow you to be able to navigate a majority of the iPads features without trouble.  Should you need specific help on iPad specific swipe gestures or understanding the differences between the iPad and an iPhone, there are plenty of places to go to find out that kind of information.  Good luck...


For those of you who are new to the iPad,  i'll be blogging about a few key resources that will be helpful for you.

Additionally, I'll clue you into some of the apps you'll want to download first to get you on your way to using your iPad like a pro!

Today's first step?

iPad User Guide

Apple has a very detailed and useful iPad User Guide that can be accessed in one of two ways:

You can view the online version by opening the Safari browser app on your iPad, clicking on the bookmarks icon and choosing the iPad User Guide.  (Note this only works if you're connected to the internet.)

If you would like a copy to have on your iPad to view online or off, the same guide can be downloaded, saved and viewed in the iBooks app (provided you've already download and installed iBooks.) Once iBooks is loaded, use the search bar to search for "iPad User Guide."

Have fun exploring your iPad and be sure to pass on any great tips you learn so they can be shared with everyone else in our community!

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