Sunday, February 23, 2014

Teach808 Post-Session 3: Reflections and Additional Resources

Managing multiple student files is never an easy task.  Whether we're dealing with physical worksheets, large video files or digital other physical or digital projects... depending on how we organize ourselves and train our students... things can still get lost in the shuffle.

That is why I appreciate how Docotopus helps me to mitigate those missing files by helping manage where files are created, controlled, shared and assessed.

In our last session on Creating a Paperless Classroom, we talked about ensuring that you've set yourself up for success by starting off each year with the correct structure and process in place.  Creating your class section contact list with your rosters, using a standard naming convention and setting up Google Folders with the right sharing sessions and permissions can help make sure the year starts off smoothly and continues that way.

Managing multiple students files and giving easy and detailed feedback gets easier with Doctopus and Goobric - Google Spreadsheet Scripts that help me and my students in and out of the classroom.  Below you'll find two great videos produced by Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Certified Trainer and Certified Teacher, Jay Atwood.  In these two videos, Jay shows us how to set up a Doctopus Spreadsheet to create and share documents* and then how to create and attach a Goobric Rubric to assess our students work and communicate our feedback to them.

I suggest setting aside some time to watch these and try out what Jay's showing.  Also, be sure to watch them in full screen at the highest resolution (720p) so you can easily see the details and follow along.

Doctopus 4.0 Walkthrough:

Goobric Walkthrough

*As a reminder, when making your Google Docs worksheet templates, be advised that Google Documents with tables do not currently display natively in the Google Drive app in iOS 6 & iOS7 on the iPad.  If you create worksheets for your students that have tables inside, in order for them to see and work on them properly, they'll have to do it in the Safari App which can be a bit confusing.  The rule of them for worksheets meant to be edited on the iPad is to not included tables at this time.

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