Wednesday, February 12, 2014

iTeach808: Managing Student Digital Portfolios for Success

Aloha and Welcome Back to all of our participants who joined us in our last session as well as those who are here for the first time.  We've been learning about how we can use the Google Apps for Education program Blogger in our classrooms as a digital or ePortfolio platform that is easy to use, powerful and free.

Todays session focuses on looking at some of the ways teachers are successfully using blogs in their classrooms as digital archives, learning workspaces and growth showcases.  We'll enter into a discussion on some of the questions teachers and schools need to ask themselves before starting a digital ePortfolio program and how to we support students in learning the necessary skills needed to manage their work.  Finally, we'll discuss how we develop and use exemplars and rubrics as tools for assessment.

As with before, there are resources that will help us all participate together in the session as well as resources to help us dig deeper outside the session.  These resources can be found below.

Resources for the session

Session Presentation File: Presentation Link

Session Back Channel:

Session Questions and Answers Document

Session Post-Survey:

Blogger Mobile Apps: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Android (Google Play Store)

Additional Resources: 

Dr. Helen Barrett: 3 Levels of ePortfolio Development in Schools

Elementary Age:

Middle and High School:

Student Blogging/Posting Guidelines:

Parent Letters and Waiver Examples:

ePortfolio Rubrics: Dan  Wilson - U of Wisconsin Stout -

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